Our Values

Marvin is meaningful, collaborative, and fun

Mental health care work is important, and everyone involved should feel like they’re having an impact on the future of care. We aim to prioritize collaboration, breaking down silos and hierarchies to foster a fun and exciting environment.

Foster a diverse and inclusive environment

Prioritize diverse perspectives and engage all team members, creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable to express themselves fully.

Positively impacting the user is paramount to what we do

When we focus deeply on the user and understand their needs, we can build a design a great experience for our users, therapists, and team members.

Question convention and the status quo

Question traditional conventions for our users and for one another, working together to build a new model of what therapy can and should mean.

We must do good for our users, our people, and the communities that we live and work in, choosing the right thing, over the easy thing, when it comes into balance.

Do the right thing

Don’t just talk about it, be about it!

Great leadership requires more than just vocal support. We believe in having a bias towards action, taking real steps to improve the world of mental health care.

Our Extraordinary Mission Requires Extraordinary Leaders 

Join the team working every day to 

end the one-size-fits-all approach to mental health.