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Suicide Awareness Month

Marina del Rey, CA, Sept 5, 2023 — As Suicide Awareness Month takes center stage, Marvin Behavioral Health stands united in raising awareness about the importance of mental health and suicide prevention. The organization is steadfast in its commitment to providing vital resources, support, and de-stigmatization of mental health challenges while promoting a culture of understanding and empathy.

Suicide Awareness Month serves as a poignant reminder of the impact that mental health struggles can have on individuals and their loved ones. Marvin Behavioral Health acknowledges the significance of this month by reaffirming its dedication to providing accessible and confidential mental health services to healthcare professionals, contributing to the overall well-being of communities.

"Suicide Awareness Month reminds us of the urgency of addressing mental health issues and offering support to those who may be struggling," said John Bracaglia, CEO of Marvin Behavioral Health. "At Marvin, we are committed to breaking down barriers, fostering open conversations, and providing a safe space for individuals to seek help without judgment."

Marvin's approach to mental health is rooted in personalized care understanding that each individual's journey is unique. Through various services, including teletherapy, meditations, and community programming, Marvin provides comprehensive support that helps healthcare professionals navigate challenges, fostering resilience and hope.

This month, Marvin Behavioral Health invites individuals, communities, and organizations to join in the conversation about mental health, destigmatization, and suicide prevention. By fostering open dialogue and encouraging people to seek support, we can collectively make a difference in the lives of those who may be struggling.

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About Marvin Behavioral Health: Marvin Behavioral Health is a pioneering telehealth company focused on delivering personalized and convenient mental health services to individuals seeking support. Through its secure platform, Marvin connects users with licensed therapists and mental health professionals, offering a range of services to address various mental health challenges.

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