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Get back in control of your life.

Personalized mental health support for clinicians.

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"Residency has never been easy, but during COVID it's pushed me to the brink. Having Marvin's support from the comfort of my own home has been so, so helpful"

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Marvin is personalized

clinician’s teletherapy

We're building a system that actually works for you. That means connecting you with a professional who understands your lifestyle, and building new skills to help you navigate the health care environment.

• Weekly 1:1 video calls
• Concierge-level support
• Therapists who understand your lifestyle
• Actionable steps to resolve challenges


Why does Marvin exist?

Only 35% of healthcare workers show an improvement from a traditional depression or anxiety treatment program

Traditional care processes:

1.  Miss the realities of the hospital environment

2. Fail to provide actionable steps that help you feel better

3. Treat you like just another person in the line.

Clinicians are not well-served by a one-size-fits-all approach to mental health.

Set your action plan with:

marvin meditations for healthcare workers

Meditations for
medical responders

Learn new skills with Marvin's signature meditation training program

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Mood metrics to analyze your progress

Track your mood and play games to get insights behind your feelings


Engaged communities to support your journey

Connect with your community through online workshops and exercises


Teletherapy paid through your insurance

We work with your hospital system and insurance provider.
You focus on setting your action plan to get better.

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