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Unniversity of Pennsylvania Medical Residents and Fellows

Set a Game Plan to improve your mood

We truly appreciate your efforts to care for the community, saving lives and working tirelessly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


These Marvin support sessions are now offered as an independent, third-party means of accessing care in a completely confidential setting. 


A Few Notes about the Program:

•  This platform is NOT for emergency care. If you are in a life threatening situation - don’t use this site. Call +1 (800) 273-8255 to get immediate help.

•  The program offers three free telemedicine-based support sessions for residents and fellows. Following this time, you may choose to continue with your care provider by working directly with them outside of the Marvin platform. You may also request a transition to another care provider via Psychology Today.

•  Sessions occur online via the Marvin platform, a HIPAA-compliant service for video communications. A link will be sent to you directly to access the sessions through your web browser or mobile phone. The sessions are not stored or recorded, and are not connected to any hospital EHR systems.

•  We will connect you with a provider matching your schedule and preferences.  All providers are licensed and trained mental health professionals. They look forward to meeting you, and have expressed their sincere gratitude for your work!

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