Marvin Therapist
Continuing Education Program

Marvin provides continued education programming for mental health therapists, focused on key modalities of clinical care, teletherapy best practices, and cultural competency towards unique populations.

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Learn about new modalities of therapy

Develop certifications for new skills in different approaches to therapy. Build your repertoire so that you can provide the best care for each patient that walks in your door.

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Build expertise in the specific lived experiences of different populations, including healthcare professionals, competitive athletes, police workers, and more.

Learn to excel with new populations

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Develop best practices for telehealth-based care

Become an expert in the best practices for teletherapy care delivery. Review research on the efficacy of different approaches, and practice your skills with the guidance of experts.


Working with Physician & Resident
Behavioral Health

Join Marvin Co-founder Dr. Aparna Atluru and clinical advisor Dr. Daniel Yazdi for an in-depth
exploration of physician mental health.


Learn about their career-specific stressors,
common mental health issues, barriers to receiving care, and clinical research on the best methods of intervention.

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Completed July 1, 2021

Teletherapy Best Practices

Join Dr. Aparna Atluru, Co-Founder of Marvin, as we learn best practices for providing effective virtual therapy.

Learning objectives include discussing the comparative efficacy of teletherapy, describing the benefits of hybrid models of care delivery, and understanding the risks associated with teletherapy.


Dr. Atluru will provide best practices for delivery of care online, and answer questions regarding 

Completed on June 16, 2021

Recent Live Trainings

Home Study Trainings

In this therapy training program, we will give you more insight into the world of healthcare workers and physicians, the common mental health issues amongst this population, modalities for treating them, assessments used in teletherapy, barriers to seeking care for healthcare workers, and the impact of COVID on our healthcare population.

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Marvin Introductory Training Course

Program Complaint Policy

Program participant complaints and disputes related to programs and continuing education courses provided by Marvin are resolved in the following manner(s):

Resolution of program participant complaints is limited to refund of purchase price of any courses, course materials, and certificates offered by Marvin. Program participants may request a refund of purchase price at any time prior to downloading course materials. Enrolling in and paying for a course and receiving course materials is deemed to have consented to participating fully in the course. Once the course materials have been downloaded, no refund is available except in cases of technical malfunction due to Marvin’s website.


If you wish to request a refund prior to downloading course materials, notify Marvin within 14 days of purchasing the Product by email at stating the reason why you are seeking a refund. If a refund is warranted, you will be contacted by email and your purchase price will be refunded. If 14 days have lapsed, you may be given credit, if due, for another product of equal or greater value.

Marvin makes every effort to provide quality educational materials to all participants. If you find that any of our program content, instructors, or course materials does not meet your expectations, please contact us for resolution.



Program Evaluation and Quality Improvement

Each program sponsored by Marvin contains a course evaluation form. This evaluation is used for purposes of continuing quality improvement for all course materials and programs offered by Marvin. When participating in programs with Marvin, please complete the accompanying evaluation. We use the data gathered from this assessment to improve our programs and courses.


Program Advertising Requirements

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What We Look For

Join the Marvin therapist team today

To participate in the Marvin network, therapists are required to possess the following:

  • Highest clinical license in your state of residence, allowing independent clinical practice
  • Minimum of 2 years of direct clinical experience

  • Submission of a fully completed, signed CAQH application

  • Individual NPI number

  • Mobile phone or computer with a video camera

  • Reliable internet connection