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Marvin's Mission

We're building a company to end the one-size-fits-all approach to mental health.


John Bracaglia

My Personal Therapy Journey

My therapy journey started as a child - and by that to say, I started by directly avoiding therapy and intentionally not going to see anyone for many years. Despite experiencing the passing of a very close family member, I always felt it was weird, stigmatized, and something that 'I didn't need'.

​I've since experienced two other major mental health crises, and when I graduated from college, realized that it was finally time to take action. Since that point, I've connected with a therapist, volunteered with local mental health awareness groups, and provided 1:1 support to friends and colleagues.

Marvin is the next step in my journey, hoping to impact mental health care on a broader scale. I'm excited to work together to build a new type support system, one that combats the stigma of seeking care and makes you feel good while you use it.

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A Truly Personalized

Mental Health Experience

Your experience in the world is unique - your mental health care should reflect that. At Marvin, we take an extraordinarily personalized approach, designing unique experiences with you in mind, and maintaining a connection to our mission that presides throughout all of our operations.


We've started with a custom program for physicians to build a mental health action plan, using machine learning-based clinical tools and a 24/7 concierge support structure that maintains the highest quality of care. Over time we'll expand to new verticals, building unique experiences that help everyone on their mental health journey.

Interested to learn more about us? We'd love to hear from you.

Behind Our Name


When putting together a name, we spoke with potential users to understand their process for seeking mental health care. Terms like “stigmatized”, “uncomfortable”, and “venturing into the unknown” were common features, and it felt clear that having someone to guide you through the process would be both welcomed and appreciated.


Within our founding team, we reflected on the people that had impacted us most in our own personal journeys. Each of our respective works had been inspired by a great Marvin. These Marvins ranged from Marvin Maurer, an educator who developed an emotional literacy program in the early 1970s, to Marvin Minsky, a cognitive scientist and pioneer in the fields of AI and philosophy, to even Marvin Gaye, the great soul musician and producer.


With that in mind, we’ve developed Marvin as a way to put a friendly name and face to the process of seeking behavioral health care. We hope that with Marvin joining you on your personal journey, we can take away some of that unfortunate stigma, and work together to find the right program that helps you feel at your best.


Marvin Initial Support

We thank our initial kind support from the Rappaport Family Foundation and Harvard Innovation Labs, which has enabled Marvin to grow and support health care workers around the country.

John Bracaglia, CEO
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